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Introducing Artori Design – where functionality meets artistry!


Elevate your kitchen decor with our unique creation designed to add a touch of whimsy to your space. This clever and playful item serves as a stylish paper towel holder, redefining the way you interact with everyday essentials.


Imagine a crow perched atop a street lamp, blissfully unaware of the patient cat lurking nearby, anticipating its chance to pounce. This dynamic design not only holds your paper towels in a practical manner but also transforms your kitchen into a canvas of creativity and amusement.


Our kitchen accessory not only brings functionality but also introduces an element of surprise and humor. It's a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and a playful spirit, making it an original gift choice for those who appreciate contemporary home decor.


Upgrade your kitchen experience and give your home a modern look with this Artori Design piece. It's more than just a paper towel holder; it's a conversation starter, a unique addition to your kitchen that effortlessly combines practicality with artistic flair. Embrace the charm of everyday items with our innovative and original designs.

Paper Towel Holder - CatVs Crow (RED ONLY)

GST Included
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