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Fundraising Activities

Companion Animal Crisis Centre


The Maneki Neko Crisis Pet Care Centre will strive to be a beacon of hope for the families. Please help us to build a safe and nurturing environment for Pets in crisis.

Go Fundraise 


Start fundraising now for Maneki Neko Cat Rescue or donate directly to Maneki Neko Cat Rescue.
You can make a difference.

Entertainment Membership


There are always more ways to enjoy your every day, and Entertainment does just that. From dining, to shopping, to travel and more, joining our community means getting more of what you need and love, giving back to the causes you care about and sharing in the moments with those around you.

20% of the purchase price goes to Maneki Neko Cat Rescue. 

Goodwill Wine


Drink your way to a better world

We donate 50% of our profits to charity. Does that mean for every bottle you buy the world gets a little bit better? Why yes, if you put it like that.



Imagine being able to make a donation to Maneki Neko Cat Rescue every time you shop online and at no extra cost to you. Well that’s exactly how Shopnate works.

A donation is made to  every time you shop online.

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