Foster Carer


If you want to...

  • Save a precious life

  • Get all the benefits of cat company, without making a lifetime commitment

  • Find out if cats are for you if you have never lived with one before

  • Soften the grief of losing your own cat without feeling you are betraying them

...fostering might be ideal for you.


How it 


How it works...

You care for a cat in need, temporarily, in your own home. You give them everything you would a cat of your own - food, fun, company, safety and, most importantly, lots of love! We pay for vet bills, provide ongoing support and promote them for adoption, with your involvement.

You can foster short term or long term until the cat is adopted. Even fostering just once, for a few days, will mean the difference between life and death for some foster cats. 

Foster Carer Application Form
Do you work?
Do you own & drive a car?
Can you transport your foster cat(s) if needed?
Have you fostered animals before?
Can you supply food/bedding/litter for your foster(s)?
Are you comfortable with potential adopters coming to your home for meet & greets?
Do you currently have any pets?
Can you keep your foster separate from other pets if needed?
Are you able to ensure that your foster(s) remain inside, have secure windows & doors and ensure all members of the household won't let the foster(s) outside?
Do you consent to a home check being carried out?
Do you have any upcoming holidays where you'll be unable to foster?
If you become a foster carer with Maneki Neko Cat Rescue, do you agree to be responsible for the safety, care & wellbeing of your foster(s)?