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Discover this "Tournée du Chat Noir" sugar tin filled with 300g of pure butter biscuits by Delaunay-Léveillé. The Delaunay-Léveillé company is a story of family and tradition since 1840. It places at the heart of its expertise professions such as biscuit making, confectionery, and more generally, high-quality regional gifts across several ranges.


The company has been an essential player in regional products for nearly 180 years. While evolving its range, the family-owned business has always centered its development on the values of tradition and French craftsmanship.


So traditional... We could almost say that this metal box, called a sugar tin, is part of French heritage!

Its charming feature is undoubtedly the beautiful prints on the lid.


As a gift or for your pleasure, these decorated boxes filled with biscuits always make an impact because they allow us to reminisce about many memories!


Made in Brittany in Coray.




Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, butter (23%), fresh whole egg, egg yolks, salt, coloring: carotenoids, caramel (sugar, glucose syrup, water).

Chat Noir Biscuit Tin filled with Butter Biscuits

GST Included
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