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Introducing the Maneki Neko Cat Pod Fundraiser! Elevate your pet's comfort with our collection of sleek and stylish pods, tailor-made for both fashion-forward pet owners and their beloved companions. With only 50 of these unique pod/cushion combos available exclusively from our fundraiser, get your order in NOW! 


Pods will be available in Red, Black and Grey (while stocks last) each with a fabupuss cushion with washable cover handcrafted by our team of crafters to create these unique beds for cats (and maybe small dogs).


Pre-order now for pick up on 11 May 2024 where you can pick your pod colour and choose a fabric covered cushion.


For just $59.99, these are crafted with contemporary flair, our Designer Pet Pods not only provide a cozy sanctuary for your furry friend but also seamlessly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space.


Featuring a removable hood for year-round comfort, these pods are designed for convenience. The felt construction, paired with a berber fleece bedding cushion, ensures maximum comfort and is easily machine washable for effortless maintenance.


Lightweight and versatile, our pods are ideal for both travel and home use, effortlessly fitting into any corner of your space. Available in striking Red, sophisticated Black, or understated Grey, each pod includes a reversible black berber fleece cushion.


Make a difference with your purchase by selecting your preferred pod color and pairing it with one of our exclusive cushion covers. With every purchase, you contribute to our mission of rescuing cats in need. Join us in providing comfort and care, one pod at a time.


Pre-order now for pick up on 11 May 2024 where you can pick you pod colour and fabric covered cushion. Due to size, postage is not available. 


All proceeds will be utilised to continue our work of saving Cats in Victoria

Buy a Cat Pod and SAVE LIVES!

GST Included
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