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I am a new foster carer, what do I need to do?

You’ll be providing love and care to the cat in your care until we are able to find the cat a permanent home (or we need to move to another carer), as if the cat were your own.

Your duties are:

  • Provide food, water, clean litter and shelter to your foster/s
  • Keep them healthy and up to date with vet works (incl. vaccinations, de-sexing, microchipping) by taking them to our vet (we offer help with transport if needed) and regularly treating them for worms and fleas (we will provide this)
  • Facilitating adoption by providing cat’s profile and pictures, conducting an online meet & greet with potential adopters and if suitable an adoption from your home or Neko HQ by arrangement.


What food do I need to feed my foster and where do I buy it?

Feed your foster cats Royal Canin or any good quality food from pet store or vet clinic (we prefer no supermarket food).

You can purchase Royal caning at wholesale rate at Neko HQ during opening hours.

Special food recommended by our vets (like Hills i/d) will be provided by Maneki Neko without charge.

  • Feed your cat dry food, if you want you can feed one sachet/can per day of wet food
  • Cats have sensitive stomachs, so transition slowly to new food, mixing it into old food for 10 days.
  • In case your cat gets diarrhoea, check the feeding guide for instructions

Learn more about recommendations on food type/quantity based on cat’s age in our file “CARE Cat Food Guide”

What litter do I need to use and where do I buy it?

We recommend recycled paper litter (you can purchase this at Neko HQ at wholesale price) or clumping litter. No crystal litter.

  • Clean litter twice daily.
  • Make available as many litter trays as you have cats, plus one: e.g. 2 cats = 3 litter trays.
  • Place a litter tray on each level in a multi-storey house and in a few locations for kittens who might not have time to get to the tray if it is not nearby.

Learn more about recommendations on food type/quantity based on cat’s age in our file “Cat behaviour issues and illnesses”

Do I need to administer parasite control to my foster cat?

Maneki Neko will supply you with flea and worming medicines for you to administer to your fosters. These are also available for pick up without charge at Vets on Parker. Alternatively, we can mail it to you.

On pick up of your new foster, pick up the de-worming and flea treatment and ask us when you need to apply it next. After that, keep a regular schedule:

  • Adult Cats: monthly flea treatment - three- monthly worming tablet;
  • Kittens 12-24 weeks: monthly flea treatment - monthly worming treatment;
  • Kittens under 12 weeks: monthly flea treatment – fortnightly worming treatment – see the kitten guide document

When and where do I de-sex and microchip my foster cat?

As soon as your kitten is at least 1kg in weight, he/she is ready to be de-sexed.

Check the file VET LIST FOR FOSTER CARERS to find the Vet clinic that provides the service.

If you haven’t done it yet, your cat can be de-sexed, vaccinated and microchipped at the same time. Make sure you select the clinics that provides all 3 services (details in the file).

When and where do I vaccinate my foster cat?

As soon as your cat is 8 weeks old and at least 1kg in weight, he/she is ready to be vaccinated.

Check the file VET LIST FOR FOSTER CARERS to to find the Vet clinic that provides the service.

If you haven’t done it yet, your cat can be de-sexed, vaccinated and microchipped at the same time. Make sure you select the clinics that provides all 3 services (details in the file)

Maneki Neko vaccinates cats with an F3 or F4 vaccine. For kittens see the kitten guide document.

Kittens require 3 vaccinations over 3 months to ensure immunity, then an annual vaccination for life. If they are older but we are unaware of previous vaccination history we may recommend boosting their vaccination 4 weeks later. However, one vaccination is all that is required for listing for adoption. If they are adopted prior to the next due date, it is the adopter’s responsibility to get this done at their cost. We will complete all vaccinations due whilst in care.

Cats will often be quiet for 12 hours post injection so please allow them to rest without disturbance.

We will remind you when your foster cat/kitten is next due for a vaccination.

My foster cat has a life-threatening emergency after hours, what do I do?

Call our director and vet nurse Joanne Amos on 0400 839 202 (DO NOT give this number to the public).

If the situation is extremely urgent and life-threatening, head to CARE Emergency Vet in Collingwood for after-hours care. It is extremely expensive so it’s to be used for EMERGENCIES ONLY.

For regular check-ups, vaccinations or illness check the file VET LIST FOR FOSTER CARERS to to find the Vet clinic that provides the service.

I foster a special need cat, do I get training?

You will get all the specific info on how to care for your special need foster at the moment of the pickup. If you still have questions, please check the "contact" page on how to ask in our MNCR INc Confidential facebook page or contact Jo for urgent health questions.


When is my foster cat ready for adoption?

Your cat is ready to find a new home once he/she is

  • HEALTHY (unless otherwise agreed with Neko Team in case of ongoing conditions). This means that if for example they need a dental that this has been done and rechecked for confirmation that the issue is resolved/addressed. We do not want our adopters getting a nasty surprise that a high cost procedure is required shortly after adoption. For an ongoing illness they must be stabilised and on a plan that the adopter agrees to continue to implement and monitor (regular medication, special food etc), e.g. diabetes, hyperthyroid, kidney issues etc.
  • VACCINATED (after the 1st shot of vaccine is enough, don’t wait for full course)

If you are fostering a timid or aggressive cat, make sure he/she is socialised and manageable before listing for adoption. Provide an honest description in the listing information.

If your cat has an ongoing condition but you had approval from Jade, Samantha, Jo or Elene, make sure you mention the condition in the profile and the adopter will need to sign a medical waiver.

How do I start the adoption process?

All Neko cats will be listed on petrescue.com.au to find a new home for them. We need your help to publish the listing:

  • Double check with Elene that all vet paperwork for the cat is in order
  • Write an honest profile of your foster cat mentioning how awesome he/she is and where he/she could improve. You want to paint a realistic picture to manage adopter’s expectations.
  • Take 5 pictures (and optional a video if you want) with clean background and cat’s face visible. Photos are best when the cat is looking at the camera. Try to capture different aspects of their life such as playing, sleeping etc.
  • Send profile and pictures to Bree via email: bree.cockayne@gmail.com

Bree will contact you to let you know once the listing is live.

My cat is listed on petrescue.com.au, what happens now?

Once the listing is live, Elene will receive enquiries from potential adopters.

She will forward you the details of the people enquiring via Facebook messenger (she will not contact them nor give them your details):

  • You will need to contact each single adopter either to agree a meet & greet or to let them know that you are already a potential adopter lined up and will contact them about the outcome.
  • You will arrange a meet & greet with the adopter and the cat (either at your place or Neko)
  • If the adoption is successful, you will fill in adoption papers with the new cat guardian
  • You will inform all unsuccessful potential adopters that the cat is not available anymore
  • You will follow up with the adopter (one week later) to ensure support and check that the cat is well

I think I found a good adopter among the enquiries, what now?

Follow up with a call to understand the potential adopter’s wishes and talk about how your foster would fit into their lifestyle.

Inform the person about the personality of the cat and any eventual medical conditions, special diets. Be realistic and don’t try to force it. Be always patient and polite, you represent the organization and want the potential adopter to feel valued and listened to.

Cat happiness first and potential adopter’s positive experience comes second.

Schedule a meet & greet either online or at your home, remind the person to

-bring a carrier as they might want to bring the cat home with them on the day;

-bring cash or have the ability to do an immediate online transfer (and show you the receipt) the adoption fee.

What do I need to do during a meet & greet with a potential adopter?

The potential adopter will come to your house (or to Neko HQ if you prefer and previously booked in with Jade) to meet and interact with your foster to make sure they’re a perfect fit!

Make sure your house is tidy and clean, especially the litter and meal area of the cats, the air smells fresh and you have a quiet open place for the adopter to interact with the cat.

Smile: the potential adopter is about to make a very important decision for his/her/family’s life. Introduce the cat without manipulating too much (the cat might become nervous around unfamiliar people). Let the cat approach the person and let them interact naturally, offering toys for playing together.

Stay out of the way and make sure you listen to the potential adopter’s wishes to understand if any risks for the cat or maybe just grab the opportunity to re-iterate how perfect of a fit.

Remember that you are representing Maneki Neko. Be patient and polite but assertive with cat’s welfare as priority.

You are allowed to take the time to ask if you get questions you can’t answer or if you don’t have a good feeling about the person.

What paperwork do I need to prepare and fill in for the adoption?

The attached papers you will receive and will need (one per each cat) are the following:


Keep the form after filling in and give it to Maneki Neko afterwards This is the main form to collect adopter’s details. Ensure it is all filled in with clear writing. You can scan and email this to elene@neko.org.au or drop it off to Neko HQ or post it.


Give it to the adopter after filling in, as payment confirmation. Remember, payment must be made in full before the cat is taken.


To determine which company form to fill in please check the chip number at www.petaddress.com.au or ask Elene.






The adoption fee includes the chip transfer fee so do not fill in this section. Inform the adopter that they’ll receive a confirmation email. This may take up to six weeks.

Keep the form after filling in and give it to Maneki Neko afterwards This is the main form to collect adopter’s details. Ensure it is all filled in with clear writing. You can scan and email this to elene@neko.org.au or drop it off to Neko HQ or post it.


Use this form as your guide to running the adopter through all the information they need. Complete the sections on food, flea/worm and vaccinations. Write the chip number on top of the form so that they have this. Read through the form with them and ask if they have any questions.

Be clear that the warranty/free vet check are ONLY available at the vet clinics listed. Let them know that sometimes a change of food or environment can cause tummy upsets, diarrhoea or flu like symptoms so to be on the lookout for these things.

Give this document to the adopter after you have filled this information in and run through the details together. You can also write other information on here if they have asked such as brand of litter you are using or in the case of a medical condition or information please write this on the warranty (e.g. allergic reaction to flea treatment, heart murmur, does not like dry food etc).


Keep the form after filling in and give it to Neko afterwards. If the cat has a medical condition you need to disclose the full history and details to the adopter. From adoption date on, the adopter is the sole responsible and will cover all expenses. There may be a letter from a vet that you can provide to the adopter or a fact sheet such as the flu or FIV fact sheets that we provide. It is helpful to write the condition on the top of the waiver.

How do adopters pay the adoption fee?

There are different payment methods:

1) CASH GIVEN TO YOU AT THE TIME OF MEETING THE CAT (you can bank cash into our account, or take cash and paperwork to Neko HQ during our opening hours)


If the adopter wants to pay into the bank account before they see you, or when they are at the meet and greet, they MUST show you a confirmation of the bank transfer to Maneki Neko bank account for the adoption fee. Please take a screenshot or ask them to text you a copy.

Payment to:

Maneki Neko Cat Rescue

ANZ Bank

BSB 013013 Account Number 281896762

Reference - adoption (cat name)

How much is the adoption fee?

Check the Pet Rescue listing information but in most cases the fees are:

Adult cat $199

Kitten $299

2 kittens $480 (20% discount)

Breed $350

Adopter is asking for a discount on the adoption fee

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Our adoption fee not only covers the expenses for the specific cat, it also enables us to take in more new cats and pay for expensive care and medicines.

What is the 7-day warranty?

The adopter can take the cat to one of the vets listed on the warranty within 7 days of adoption – if the cat is sick or even if they want to get the cat checked out.

We cover the cost of that appointment and if there is treatment required, we will cover these costs until that episode is resolved e.g. if they have cat flu requiring 10 days of treatment and a follow up visit, this will be covered.

The warranty does not cover accidents etc. This warranty is designed to cover any illness that we may not have identified during care or something that might flareup as a result of moving to a new environment.


Who is Maneki Neko Cat Rescue?

Established in 2012 after many years of informal rescue, we are mainly run by Volunteers.

We focus on working collaboratively with the community, community groups, business’s and local councils to:

• reduce cat euthanasia rates,

• increase reclaiming rates, and

• increase re-homing rates,

through the rescue, rehabilitation (if required) and re-homing of cats and kittens, as well as the prevention of unwanted cats and kittens.

The Maneki Neko is a Japanese symbol of success, prosperity, good health and happiness. We hope it brings all of these to our organisation and to the cats and kittens that we rehome.

Learn more about the organization at https://www.neko.org.au/about


Who are my contacts within Maneki Neko?

If you have general non-urgent questions or if you’re looking for tips, please post a message on our MNCR Inc confidential page on Facebook (contact Elene if you don’t have access yet). You’ll find a community of experts and enthusiasts ready to help you out!

Samantha McKernan - Founder and Director

email: samantha@neko.org.au or facebook messenger. FOSTERS VET EMERGENCIES ONLY on 0400 207005

Contact her for: feedback, fundraising ideas, sensitive topics.

Joanne Amos - Director and Vet Nurse

email: jo@neko.org.au or facebook messenger. FOSTERS VET EMERGENCIES ONLY on 0400 839 202

Contact her for: urgent vet advice

Jade Meadmore – Director and Rescue Manager

email: jade@neko.org.au or facebook messenger.

Contact her for: lounge operations, cats care, food and medicines pick up, general enquiries

Cat Phone 0459 779 888

Contact for: last resort if no one above is responding.

Elene Carolan – Admin

email: elene@neko.org.au or facebook messenger.

Contact her for: questions about fostering, paperwork, vet deadlines, general enquiries







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0459 779 888

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