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Neko HQ is located at 120 Regent St, Preston.


By Tram


Take the number 11 Tram to the end of the line where you will be at the intersection of Gilbert Road and Regent Street. Neko HQ is approximately 30 meters along Regent Street.


By Train


Take the South Morang Line to Regent Station. Neko HQ is a 5-10minute walk west on Regent Street.


By Bus


Take the Route 553 Bus from Preston, West Preston or Reservoir Station.


By Bike


We have Bike racks out the front of the premises. Please bring your own chain/lock to keep them secure.


By Car


Parking is available in the area, however the area immediately adjacent to Neko HQ has 1 hour parking only. We recommend parking in side streets with a longer limit.

Getting Here
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