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Neko HQ Boarding Terms and Conditions

Our Promise

Neko HQ makes every effort to keep your pet(s) healthy, safe, and content during their stay. We work diligently to provide a secure, healthy, safe environment, and minimise risk.

Conditions of Boarding (All Pets)

​In this agreement, the pet’s owner will be referred to as the Pet Parent; and NEKO HQ will be referred to as NEKO HQ.

​By leaving pet(s) with NEKO HQ, the Pet Parent certifies the accuracy of all information provided and acknowledges agreement to this contract which will create a lien over the pet(s).

1. Fees and Charges

1. The Pet Parent agrees to fees and charges as invoiced. There is no refund or credit for early return and collection.

2. The Pet Parent agrees to pay all costs and charges not later than the day of admittance. Any additional charges incurred by their pet(s) must be paid before pet(s) leave NEKO HQ.

​​3. Out of hours actions are at the discretion of NEKO HQ and may incur an additional charge. An out of hours fee is applicable for pre-arranged or unannounced collection.

4. The Pet Parent agrees to pay all costs and charges for special services requested.

5. The Pet Parent agrees to pay all Veterinarian costs incurred while in the care of NEKO HQ.

6. The Pet Parent agrees to leave a letter of authority with the owner’s Vet; however, the closest Vet may be the one contacted.

7. If all charges are not paid, NEKO HQ has the right to offer the pet(s) for sale. If such sale does not secure a price adequate to cover the cost of the debt, the Pet Parent is liable to NEKO HQ for the difference. NEKO HQ may take this course of action if not advised of a change to pick-up date within five days of the pre-advised dates, and arrangements for payment are not satisfactory.

8. As the Pet Parent, I understand that NEKO HQ will surrender any pet(s) to the RSPCA or other rehoming organisation after 5 days if the account is overdue or the pet(s) has not been collected.

​2. Personal Belongings are Left at the Pet Parent's Risk

1. NEKO HQ, or any of its employees or volunteers, will not be held responsible for items lost, damaged, destroyed or left behind on these premises such as toys, bedding, collars, etc.

​3. Medical Care

1. The Pet Parent has provided evidence of current and up-to-date vaccination details for the duration of the stay.

2. The Pet Parent has provided all relevant medical details, medications and supplements.

3. NEKO HQ has been informed of all existing injuries, medical conditions and behaviour traits.

4. The Pet Parent guarantees that pet(s) have been wormed for intestinal and heartworm where applicable.

4. Diet

1. Where the Pet Parent provides a special diet, meals are individually packaged and labelled by said Pet Parent.

5. Injury and Illness

​1. The Pet Parent accepts responsibility for any injury, sickness (including cat flu), death, loss, or damage of any kind.

2. The Pet Parent acknowledges that their pet(s) may encounter other cats and NEKO HQ Staff members.

3. The Pet Parent accepts responsibility for Veterinary costs if their pet(s) is injured; in the cattery or pod or during playtime. Payment must be made to the Veterinary Surgery or to NEKO HQ prior to collection.

4. Pet(s) that appear to have been mistreated, attacks or injures other animals or people may be referred to RSPCA.

6. Social or Interactive Play

​Interactive play with a staff member is available for pet(s) by request.

​Social play is currently available for cats from the same family.

1. Entire cats are closely monitored and may need separate playtimes.

2. Although rare, the Pet Parent accepts that injuries can occur during social play. Veterinary care will be obtained as required and owner notified.

​If you are leaving two or more pets:

​1. Generally, pets from the same family get on well together.

​2. Although we monitor behaviour in and out of the pods, cats may injure each other when confined together.

3. Injuries may occur as a result when boarding together in an unfamiliar environment. Should an injury occur, Veterinary care will be obtained as required and owner notified. The Pet Parent agrees to pay for any associated Veterinary costs.

7. Feline Flu

​Feline Flu (or “Cat Flu”) is a common disease. Cats incubating the virus may seem healthy upon arrival at Neko HQ, and symptoms may not become apparent for 3-7 days after infection.

​The risk of developing "Cat Flu" can be reduced by regular vaccination. Unfortunately, vaccination will not prevent infection but may lessen the severity of the disease. 

​Infected cats shed a lot of virus particles into the environment via their saliva or nasal secretions and these may remain alive for up to a week in the environment.

Unfortunately, cats that recover may become temporary or permanent virus carriers. This means that they may shed virus into the environment, even if they have no disease signs. Carrier cats are most likely to shed during bouts of illness and stress.

​Despite our standards of care and cleanliness being second to none at Neko HQ, unfortunately viruses like Feline Flu are airborne (just like the human flu) and are highly contagious conditions.

No Pet(s) will be admitted to Neko HQ with obvious signs of sickness or illness. If your pet(s) show any symptoms or signs of illness, we will seek Veterinary advice and all costs are payable by The Pet Parent.

If you have any concerns after collecting your pet(s), please do not hesitate to contact us on 0459 779 888. 

8. Cancellation Policy

1. All reservations require pre-payment. 

2. We require 48 hours’ notice of a cancellation and will provide a full refund. 

3. Cancellations within 48 hours of check-in in time will be provided with a 75% refund. 

4. No Refunds are given for early departures.

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