Fostering Em and Nya

Nya and her companion Em came into my care in October last year. Nya had been recovering from ringworm and both needed a home to learn to 'cat' in after being kept in a cattery style enclosure since they were kittens. Of the fosters I've had, these two were the most shut down cats I'd met. They huddled together in their cat bed and looked so distant. Nya was not a fan of any kind of touch, and would hiss and bat away any attempts to make physical contact. 

Em wasn't as spicy as little Nya, but you could see how scared she was. Always looking down, too afraid to see another human face. Food seemed to be their only friend, but also a foe. Nya would be running back and forth to the litter box with the runs, and would sadly meow between trips. The cause of this tummy upset is this being investigated.

Slowly Em and Nya found that snuggling on top of the bed was more fun than hiding underneath, but both were so unsure of me. We sat on the bed together as I worked from home, and slowly I would see Em settle closer and closer to me. Nya still wasn't sure, but always wanted to be close to her friend so would gingerly move closer. 


One night I was patting Em, when I felt someone's whiskers tickling my foot. It was Nya inspecting my foot, who then proceeded to give my foot the head bump of approval. It was the highest compliment she could have ever given me after so many months of being afraid.


Fast forward to now, Em and Nya have made significant progress in learning to trust humans and being comfortable lounging around the house. They now accept pats and enjoy playing with the Magic Golden Twine. They might not ever be the purring lap cats you see in the cartoons, but their love and trust is worth every bit of the time and patience it took to earn it.