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Write a Will today that sees your legacy continue to protect the vulnerable cats of tomorrow.


What if you could continue to spread kindness through your legacy, long after you have passed on? What if your legacy was so powerful, that it could assist in sustaining the work of your favourite rescue group to continue doing what they do....rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming vulnerable cats and kittens?

Having a Will in place is an important way to protect all members of your family; two legged and four legged alike. And a gift in your Will, even a gift of just 1% of your estate, can truly make a differenceto the vital work we do in the community. You have shown how much you care for the cats and kittens of Victoria through your generous and ongoing support of Maneki Neko Cat Rescue. Please take this important step to take care of your own family, and your own legacy.


Her eyeball had burst and she must have been in tremendous pain. Maneki Neko Cat Rescue took her in and gave her the urgent medical support she needed. No questions asked,” says Jane. “It is why I am leaving a gift in my Will to Maneki Neko Cat Rescue. I can make a difference, even when I am not around."

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Our companion animals mean the world to us. 

Let’s ensure we give the world to them.
Have a question? Please email our Bequests Manager at

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