Become a Maneki Neko Foster

Becoming a foster carer with Maneki Neko is a rewarding experience by providing a cat in need with a temporary home until a permanent, loving home can be found.

Fostering is a vital part of the rehoming process. This can vary from a short to long term foster care, and even just one occasion can greatly assist. You will have ongoing support from the Maneki Neko volunteer community whilst you have a cat in your care and you will be part of the placement process for your foster.

We need more people willing to open up their homes and hearts to cats looking for a second chance in life.

Contact Samantha to become a Maneki Neko foster or fill out the form below.

Foster Carer Application

  • Name*full name
  • Age*
  • Address*
  • Suburb*
  • Postcode*
  • Best Contact Number*
  • Email*a valid email address
  • Do you work?*
    Full time
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  • Do you drive and own a car?*
  • What qualities are you looking for in the cat you are interested in fostering?*eg. age & activity level
  • Have you fostered pets before?*
  • Do you have any medical conditions?*That might mean you’ll require assistance at times with your foster pet.
  • Tell us a little about your history with animals...*(How many have you had in the past, their breed and type, how long you had them and, if applicable, why they are no longer with you.)
  • Have you applied to any other organisations to foster at this time?*
  • Do you currently have any pets?*
  • Where will your foster pet sleep?*
  • Which areas of the house will the foster pet have access to while you are out?*(E.g. Kitchen/non-carpeted areas/ All areas, etc)
  • Are you able to ensure that your foster pet remains inside, having secure windows and doors and ensuring that all members of the household ensure that the animal is not allowed outside?*
  • How many hours will the foster pet be without human company for each day?*
  • Do you have a time limit to how long you are able to foster a particular animal?*(Please know any fostering, short or long-term, is very much appreciated!)
    No (Until the animal is adopted)
  • Do you consent to a home check being carried out?*(Just to make sure your home is secure and suitable to a pet)
  • Referred by*
  • If you become a foster carer with Maneki Neko Cat Rescue, you will be responsible for the safety and wellbeing of that animal.*Do you agree to let us know at once should you have any problems with your foster animal/s so we can assist you, by emailing or calling Samantha on 0459 779 888?
    I accept
    I do not accept

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foster Care?

All cats and kittens received by Maneki Neko Cat Rescue are placed into foster care while vet work is completed and their behaviour can be assessed. When ready, they are made available for adoption but will remain in your home or placed with one of our adoption partners (such as a vet) to find their purrfect match!

Who can be a foster carer?

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, students, families, retirees and so on. You could work or study part-time, full time or stay at home

You will need to be over 18 years (although you can be part of a foster family) and are able to meet the needs of a cat or kitten/s in your care, including daily cleaning, feeding, socialisation and lots of love!

Can I choose which animals I foster?

There are occasions where we are looking for a foster carer for a specific cat or kitten/s, however we will always discuss animals in need before placing them with you. We also use the information you provide us in your registration form to match you with foster animals needing care.

How long is the foster commitment?

The length of foster care varies depending on the reason why the animal needs fostering. A young kitten may need two weeks of care in a foster home; an animal recovering from surgery may need more than three months. There are different fostering opportunities to suit the different time commitments each carer has available.

Can I foster if I have pets already?

Yes you can – you may need to keep your foster animals separate at times however. If you wish to foster cats or kittens, you will need to dedicate a room of your house away from any pets.

Is there any support?

You will be provided with equipment and anything related to the veterinary care of your foster animal/s. We will also provide food and other items when we have them.

You will need to cover any transportation costs although we often have volunteers available if you are unable to provide transport.

We administer a Facebook Volunteer group with lots of support from our network of volunteers.